Silicon Hardner

Silicon Hardner

Silicon hardener chemical is a specialized additive widely used in the construction industry to enhance the performance and durability of various materials.

Product Details:
Density 1.300 ± 1.400
pH 8 ± 10
Packing Size 50 kgs. Barrell 200 kg Barrell
Rate 100/- rs. per kg. 80/- rs. per kg.
Basic 5000/- (50 kg) 16000/- (200 kg)
GST/IGST 18% 900/- 2880/-
Round Off +20/-
Total Amount 5900/- 18900/-

Silicon hardener chemical, also known as silicone hardener or siliconate, is a type of chemical additive that is added to construction materials to improve their strength, durability, and resistance to various environmental factors. It is derived from silicone, a versatile compound known for its excellent thermal stability and water repellency. Silicon hardener is often used in conjunction with other construction chemicals to enhance their properties.

Silicon hardener chemical plays a crucial role in enhancing the performance and longevity of various construction materials, including concrete, tiles, grout, masonry, and stone. Its unique properties provide excellent protection against water, moisture, chemicals, and weathering, contributing to the durability and aesthetics of construction projects.

Benefits of Silicon Hardener Chemical: