Normal Hardner

Normal Hardner

Normal hardener chemicals play a vital role in the construction industry, providing strength, durability, and stability to various materials and structures.

Product Details:

Density 1.300 ± 1.350
pH 6 ± 8
Packing Size 250 kgs. Barrell
Rate 14/- rs. per kg.
Basic 3500/-
GST/IGST 18% 630/-
Round Off 30/-
Total Amount 4100/-

Normal hardener chemical, also known as curing agent or curing compound, is a type of chemical additive used in construction to accelerate the curing or hardening process of materials such as concrete or resins. It promotes the formation of strong chemical bonds, resulting in increased strength, durability overall performance of various materials and structures.

Whether it's concrete construction, flooring systems, adhesive manufacturing, or composite materials, these chemicals play a crucial role in ensuring successful and long-lasting construction projects.

Benefits of Normal Hardener Chemical: