P.C./P.C.F. – 800

P.C./P.C.F. – 800

P.C./P.C.F. – 800 polycarboxylate chemical is a versatile additive widely used in the construction industry to enhance the performance and properties of various construction chemicals. With its unique characteristics, P.C./P.C.F. – 800 offers significant advantages in construction applications.

Product Details:

Packing Size 50 kgs. Carboys 250 kgs. Carboys
Rate 120/- rs. per kg. 100/- rs. per kg.
Basic 6000/- 25000/-
GST/IGST 18% 1080/- 4500/-
Round Off 20/- 0/-
Total Amount 8100/- 29500/-

P.C./P.C.F. – 800 polycarboxylate chemical is a type of superplasticizer that belongs to the polycarboxylate ether family. It is specifically designed to improve the flowability and workability of construction materials such as concrete, mortar, and grout. P.C./P.C.F. – 800 is known for its exceptional water-reducing capabilities and high dispersing efficiency.

By incorporating P.C./P.C.F. – 800 into your construction processes, you can enhance the performance, efficiency, and reliability of your materials, resulting in successful and long-lasting construction projects.

P.C./P.C.F. – 800 polycarboxylate chemical is a valuable additive in the construction industry, particularly in concrete production, mortar and grout formulations, self-leveling flooring systems, and repair products. Its unique properties contribute to improved flowability, workability, and durability of various construction materials.

Benefits of P.C./P.C.F. 800 Polycarboxylate Chemical: