PC Admixture

PC Admixture

PC admixture chemical is a versatile additive widely used in the construction industry to enhance the performance and properties of various construction materials.

Product Details:

Density 1.000 ± 1.100
pH 4 ± 8
Packing Size 210 kgs. Barrell
Rate 28/- rs. per kg.
Basic 5880/-
GST/IGST 18% 1058.40/-
Round Off +61.60/-
Total Amount 7000/-

PC admixture chemical, also known as polycarboxylate admixture, is a type of chemical additive used in construction materials such as concrete, mortar, and grout. It is designed to improve the workability, durability, and performance of these materials. PC admixture is known for its excellent water-reducing capabilities and high dispersing efficiency.

PC admixture chemical is a valuable additive in the construction industry, particularly in concrete production, mortar and grout formulations, self-leveling flooring systems, and shotcrete applications. Its unique properties contribute to improved workability, durability, and performance of various construction materials.

Benefits of PC Admixture Chemical: